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How to apply for your Capitec Personal Loans

Find out how easy it is to apply for your personal loan with Capitec!
Find out how easy it is to apply for your personal loan with Capitec!

We understand that unexpected situations can arise, right? And what do you do when these unforeseen expenses come up? Capitec offers the best personal investments that provide a reliable solution tailored to your needs. 

With simple steps and a range of advantages, you can confidently manage your financial goals. In this article, you’ll find a practical and quick guide on how to apply for your personal loan at Capitec, along with its benefits.

Advantages of the Capitec Personal Loan

The Capitec personal loan offers a multitude of carefully designed benefits to enhance your personal experience and meet your unique financial needs, including:

  • Flexible Amounts: Whether you need a smaller or larger amount, Capitec offers a variety of personal loan options, giving you access to amounts up to R500,000.
  • Best Interest Rates: At Capitec, we’re committed to providing unmatched value. We guarantee the most affordable interest rates in the market.
  • Credit Protection Plan: The credit insurance covers you in case of permanent or temporary disability, cost reduction, unemployment, or death.
  • Credit Card: You can win a trip for 2 people to the Rugby World Cup final, courtesy of Mastercard. To participate, simply use R250 or more on your Capitec Mastercard credit card until August 31, 2023.

Credit Card

In addition to our personal loan, you can also apply for our credit card. Below are some details regarding the card.

  • Maximum Credit Limit: R500,000.
  • Up to 1.5% cashback whenever you spend and deposit with us.
  • Free currency conversion.
  • Local discounts.
  • Free card delivery.
  • Prime interest rates.

For more information, you can visit the Capitec website.

How to Apply for Your Capitec Personal Loan?

Applying for a Capitec personal loan is a simple process that offers you various channels to choose from. Below is a practical guide with step-by-step instructions.

Gather the Required Documents:

Before initiating your Capitec personal credit application, make sure you have all the necessary documents to avoid surprises and meet the basic requirements.

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Identification document.
  • Proof of current address.
  • Payments or bank statements from the last 3 months.

Multiple Channels to Apply for Your Loan

Capitec provides several convenient methods, including:

  • App: You can make your request through the Capitec app.
  • WhatsApp: You can also make the request through WhatsApp at 067 418 9565.
  • Online: Visit the official Capitec website to make your request from the comfort of your home.
  • Branch: If you prefer face-to-face interaction, you can visit one of the branches and make the request in person.
  • Phone: You can also place your request by calling 0860 66 77 89.

Need credit but earn income beyond salary?

We offer loans of up to R250,000 for customers who have their own businesses and earn a monthly salary. You will apply for credit under your personal name, not your company’s name, as the owner of a business.

To apply for a business loan, your company must be registered as one of the following:

  • Association not for gain.
  • Close Corporation (CC).
  • Incorporated (Inc).
  • Trust.

Why Do I Need a Personal Loan?

Ambitious goals and unexpected circumstances in life often require additional financial support. Capitec’s personal loans offer a remarkable level of flexibility, allowing you to:

Manage unforeseen medical expenses: Health emergencies can happen at any time, and having access to a personal emergency fund ensures you’re prepared to handle unexpected medical expenses without compromising your financial stability.

Improve your home: If you’re looking to renovate, repair, or remodel your home, a Capitec personal loan provides the funds you need to turn your home into the dream house you’ve always wanted.

Invest in your education: Education is an invaluable investment in your future. A personal effort can make it possible for you to continue your further studies or support the educational activities of a beloved organization.

Debt consolidation: Managing numerous debts can be exhausting. You can simplify your financial commitments by consolidating your existing debts into a manageable payment through a personal effort.

By requesting the services of Capitec Bank, you gain access to versatile financial solutions, competitive rates, and exclusive benefits that assist in addressing financial challenges and achieving your goals.

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